Christian Collins Session1192300Christian Collin is a Chicago based singer, songwriter and guitarist devoted to blues and American roots music.  Born in Detroit to a musical family, Christian began playing guitar at age 13 and has never looked back.  Having honed his musical chops playing bars and roadhouses across the Midwest for the last ten years, he is a seasoned bandleader whose inspired performances leave audiences consistently impressed.

Christian’s strong songwriting, soulful vocals and exceptional musicianship create a musical stew that excites and inspires. Collin’s voice has been described by David Caddell, a music reviewer for The Local, as “city-grit soulful and as honest as the lyrics he sings.”  While an accomplished songwriter, Christian is equally adept as a singer and guitarist.  As Robert Noll of Precious Artists International exclaimed, “heartfelt lyrics and a guitar that can testify!” Collin’s guitar playing is only rivaled by a voice that can be described as city-grit soulful and as honest as the lyrics he sings.

Favoring Fender Strats, Telecasters, and a Gibson Les Paul Junior, Collin’s guitar playing is powerful and passionate, yet melodic and refined. Collin’s primary influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Lowell George of Little Feat, along with classic blues and rock n’ roll icons Albert King, Albert Collins, Magic Sam, Howlin’ Wolf, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. And while these influences may be evident in his music, Christian is obviously his own man and has created a sound infused with originality.

Previously the front man for Molasses, a blues band that performed regionally and recorded three critically acclaimed albums, Christian released his solo debut entitled “American Art” in 2012.  Showcasing original songwriting while paying homage to his influences, “American Art” fused diverse musical elements into a coherent and compelling creative statement.

Drawing from his nearly two decades of experience playing blues and rock n’ roll, Christian is now primed to take his music to the next level with his upcoming album entitled “Spirit of the Blues.”

With this latest release, Collin pays homage to his blues heroes while leaving a musical mark all his own.

Christian Collin is a dynamic artist and performer whose strong songwriting, soulful vocals and exceptional musicianship create a musical stew that excites and inspires.  With a firm grasp on his roots and an eye toward the future, Christian Collin tips his hat to our musical forefathers while aiming to leave his mark as a contemporary blues man.

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